Keeps you posted,
Keeps you social.

Run your own socials by yourself,
AND your real life.
you do not have to compromise!

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This App​

PostID was created by us, to help you to manage your entire presence at the social media arena, effectively and efficiently- from one spot, and at your preferred time!
By creating an account at PostID, you will be able to create your post once, and spread it to your favorite platforms,
While the post’s comments and reactions throughout these entire channels pile up, you can keep doing what important to you the most, and to be back whenever YOU choose to do so!

Nothing remains off the loop.
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PostID supports both IOS
and Android

Managing your entire comments and reactions in one spot

Create your post once, and spread it to your favorite channels, schedule to your perfect time slot

A simple and intuitive app enables the user to manage his own presence easily and effectively.

Easy to switch from PostID app to the relevant platforms

A weekly summary of user's activity

About us

PostID main goal is to enable the users not to compromise!
We believe that managing our online presence does not have to be demanding in a degree that we cannot be fully present in other interactions in our lives,
Either you are an individual who loves to run his socials.,
or an SMB that needs to be there to maintain the business,
we should be able to be on social media AND on other arenas,
it does not have to be at the expense of the other.
No one will manage and maintain our image and presence better than us,
PostID enables just THAT!

Manage your own presence at the social media arena,
AND conduct other business activities, AND be with your loved ones.
Do not compromise, grab your seat, and combine!

PostID minds your own business!

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Kaya Mayer

As a mother of 7 children, I had to struggle between being fully present for my children and the management of my business both on and offline, the hunch was, that I always have to compromise about something, neither my business nor my children got the attention they needed to get from me in order to be at their best, I ended up frustrated, and with a serious lack of energy. While exploring the solutions the market had to offer, none of them covered completely my situation, as I expected them to do, Therefore, we produced the perfect solution for me, and for you.

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